The Botanical Park of Crete

The Botanical Park of Crete:


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The Botanical Park of Crete is one of best Crete attractions for visitors of all ages and is located close to Chania.

The Botanical Park of Crete lies in the foothills of the beautiful White Mountains on the lovely scenic road leading up to Omalos (the starting point of the Samaria Gorge). The botanical gardens are just 15km from Chania Town, just past Fournes, and is easily accessible from many of the resorts of Western Crete. 

The Botanic Garden and Park of Crete itself was the brainchild of four brothers who saw their livelihood, land, olive groves and orange trees destroyed by a devastating wild fire in October 2004. The damage was unprecedented. Sixty thousand olive trees, some over 400 hundred years old, were destroyed leaving the whole village ruined both financially and ecologically.

But, like the magical and mystical Phoenix bird of Greek Mythology, the Botanic Park of Crete grew from the ashes of that devastating fire. The brothers set about creating a park to highlight and exhibit the many indigenous plants, herbs and trees found in Crete, together with other tropical and sub tropical varieties from around the world.

Amongst the colourful, thriving, vibrant exhibits of the now well established Botanical Gardens you'll come across the odd burnt out, charred husk of an ancient olive tree, standing as a reminder of the origins of the Park. Entrance to the Botanic garden is a mere €5, and is unbelievable good value. Children under 12 go free. You even get a free bottle of spring water to take with you on the nature trail.

The nature trail is suitable for all reasonably fit and active people with good mobility. We recommend that to get the very best from the Botanic garden and park, take it slowly so you can really appreciate the 150 or so species of fruit trees, herbs, pharmaceutical and ornamental plants that line the trail.

There are plenty of resting stops throughout, none better than the very scenic small lake with ducks and geese gliding through the cool water. Needless to say, it is better to avoid the midday sun in Crete in the summer months, so either go early in the morning or in the late afternoon.

The Botanic Park of Crete is open every day from the beginning of May right through to the end of October,: 8:30 am - 8:30 pm.

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