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One of Italy's greatest gardens, Villa Lante is in Bagnaia just a short distance from Viterbo. Bagnaia is a small and charmingly historical town in Northern Lazio, in the Province of Viterbo. Bagnaia can be reached quickly and easily by car or bus. From Rome you should travel to Viterbo (bus or train) and change to the local bus service.

The town is famous for its great relic of aristocratic grandeur (one of several in this part of Lazio), the sixteenth-century Villa Lante. As is often the case in Italy, the term 'villa' is misleading, because it's really the garden for which the place is famous. One of Italy's greatest gardens, Villa Lante is open to the public and, combined with a leisurely lunch and a wander around the town, makes a lovely day out. Alternatively, those extremely keen on gardens and houses and with a hired car (or taxi funds) could combine it in a busy day (or two) with the Villa Farnese at Caprarola and the enigmatic 'Monster Garden' at Bomarzo.

Head from the main piazza up the right-hand of the three 'trident' streets. You'll arrive at the entrance, dominated by an impressive theatrical fountain with statue of Pegasus - pictured - to the public park that was once part of the grounds of the Villa. The ticket office for the gardens is here, along with the visitor toilets, and the entrance is through a gate further up the slope.

The Villa Lante (not the only one in Italy) is named after the Lante della Rovere family, who owned the estate for three centuries until 1933. Earlier, the property went with the position of Bishop of Viterbo, and it was the holders of this august position who were responsible for the pleasure grounds you can enjoy today.











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