Villa Gregoriana, Tivoli (Italy) 



Villa Gregoriana:




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Villa Gregoriana” Park is located on the left side of the great fall of the Aniene river, in the so-called “Baratri Tiburtini” (precipices of Tivoli) just underneath the acropolis of Tivoli, overlooked by the famous temples of Vesta and of the Sybil. These, even if just outside the perimeter of the Villa, can be considered, without any doubt, among the archaeological patrimony of the Park.

 Its close proximity to Rome and your rented Rome apartments, which is only 30 kms away, makes it an ideal destination to pay a visit if you want to see more of the beauty of this park set in the scenic Italian countryside in Lazio. The importance of the place, dating back to the ancient times, is testified by several literary citations among which, the lines from the Horace’s “Odes” and the verses of the Statius’ “Sylvae” describing Manlio Volpisco’s roman villa, which remains are inside “Villa Gregoriana” Park. 

Many pictorial representations of the Acropolis’ cliff, with the temples and the Aniene’s waterfall testify to the importance of the place that never decreased, reaching its height between the eighteenth and the nineteenth century. In this period, in fact, the place became a privileged and obliged destination of many Grand Tour travellers. In 1706, Addison noted that “painters often came to Tivoli from Rome to study the Tivoli landscape”.














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