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Laeken Brussels, Belgium

Laeken or Laken  is a residential suburb in north-west Brussels in Belgium. 

The Royal Palace of Laeken, official home of the Belgian Royal Family is situated here. The palace was built between 17821784 by Charles de Wailly.  It has been the royal residence since the accession to the throne of King Leopold I  in 1831.

Royal Greenhouses

Laeken, the Royal Greenhouses of Balat (1874-1890).

The royal domain also contains the magnificent Royal Greenhouses of Laeken, a set of dome-shaped constructions, accessible to the public only a few days a year. 

Every spring, the Royal Greenhouses of Laeken are open to the public for 3 weeks. It is an excellent opportunity to see the wonderful architecture of Alphonse Balat, the mentor of Victor Horta, and the many plants in the greenhouses.

Chinese Pavilion and Japanese Tower

A little north of the royal palace stand the contrasting Chinese Pavilion and the Japanese Tower.






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